The Fan(girl)s

About Us

Naida is an architecture graduate from the University of Santo Tomas. Her house serves as the headquarters of our little fangirl trio due to the fact that it has unlimited food. (Thank you, Mama Naida) She has re-watched Just Like Heaven approximately a million times. Her love for the TV series Bones is unparalleled. She has self-proclaimed herself as the International Ambassador of Emily Deschanel to the world.


Tammy is an MA graduate from the University of Santo Tomas and currently taking up Accounting at San Beda College. She usually spaces out randomly but it’s okay because we love her anyway. She has three cats, likes tea, and is married to Alex Turner, Tom Hiddleston and other men (in her head). She still hasn’t watched Pitch Perfect and Frozen.


Redg is an nth (she’s really having a hard time with her thesis, haha) year student from UP Diliman taking up Library and Information Science. She likes (and has a talent for) reenacting various anecdotes and–if she’s feeling extra talkative–scenes from movies and television . Her first TV series love is Veronica Mars. She will support Kristen Bell in all of her endeavors in life, even those crappy movies she made.


941856_10200933066953239_1490691579_n Randolph, despite being NOT a girl, actually has the capacity to geek out more (i.e. go batshit crazy) to movies, series, and the occasional cute actor compared to the rest of us combined. He is Coherent’s creatives director, in charge of our posters, publicity materials, and the overall ‘look’ of this project. A written contribution by Randolph to Coherent is yet to be seen but highly anticipated (by us). He is also in his nth year at UP Diliman studying Family Life and Child Development.


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