Tammy in Wanderland

Tammy in Wanderland
Tammy Yeban
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Let me start off this post by thanking the ones who made this experience possible.

Lou: Thank you for your awesome company, your charitable heart, and for the tickets. You will surely be a Princess in a monarch-ruled country in your next life.

Randolph: You’re a beacon of light to those who are too poor to buy concert tickets. Thank you, St. Randolph of Free Concert Tickets. May you win a free ticket to One Direction’s concert because you deserve that (1)D. Love you, friend! (#SCORPIOS)

Jesus Christ: There can be miracles when you believe~

Famille: For buying me the dress I wore to Wanderland, for giving me pocket-money, and for being the best family in the Universe.

SO THERE, I’M DONE WITH NICETIES. FUCK, I HAD TO BE NICE AND ACT ALL GRATEFUL AND SHIT. Kidding, I will be eternally grateful. Huhuhu. Thank you, @Universe.

Now on to my Wanderland experience!

Sun, and people. Yay.
Sun. People. Yay.

Randolph and I went to the venue early because he won those damned Meet and Greet passes because he’s a lucky bastard and man, the place was already somewhat packed by 1 in the afternoon. (In a “There are people yay but not so many that it will make you feel claustrophobic if you fucking hate people” way. Does that make sense?)

I mustache you something, is there alcohol in this?
I mustache you something, is there alcohol in this?

I was buzzed by 2 pm because Randolph and Lou were nowhere to be found so I found a friend in dear old Alcohol. (They served pure Empi Lights with ice because Wanderland goers are Manongs and too cool for expensive alcoholic drinks.)

Literally quenching our t h i r s t
Literally quenching our t h i r s t

We went around Circuit Makati while the bands we didn’t like were playing (LEL WHO THE FUCK LIKES FRANCO? Not us. Okay, you can like Franco. I just had to say that I DO NOT LIKE FRANCO because of reasons I cannot and will not explain) and basically whiled the time away chatting, goofing around, and being happy because yay we’re in Wanderland. (I WAS WISHING FOR FREE WANDERLAND TICKETS LITERALLY TWO DAYS BEFORE SAID EVENT! Dreams do come true~)

Me, Randolph, Lou, and Pat!
"Lucy Rose, amoy rose." (Tipsy!Pontillas, 2014)
“Lucy Rose, amoy rose.” (Tipsy!Pontillas, 2014)

We took pictures while Lucy Rose was doing her thang because #vanity #justgirlythings. Shit got real when The Paper Kites came on the stage though. I’m not that big a fan but I do like Bloom. (How basic of you, Tammy.)

Can I be close to you~ and kill you in your sleep or sumthin
Can I be close to you~ and kill you in your sleep or sumthin

All hell broke loose when Sean Caskey, my beautiful bae, and the rest of Last Dinosaurs came on stage. I literally lost my Sunnies when they started performing because of unknowable reasons. I don’t want to be just another!!! fighter without fire!!! Nothing to inspire~ They even covered The Strokes’ “What Ever Happened” because THEY WANTED US TO DIE OF HAPPINESS.


Another blissful moment was just sitting on the grass and talking about our feelings, our rage, and other thoughts because sad indie kids have loads of them.

Let us talk about...our feelings.

The ambiance was fucking superb: Laying on the grass, awesome live music playing, and booze – lots and lots of booze. (C/o Lou hihi thanks Lou, I’m sorry for dropping some of the frozen margarita you gave me.) Huhuhuhuhuhu. I promise to save up for next year’s Wanderland because the experience as a whole was and will surely be worth it. Now I sound like a concert promoter. Our heart-to-heart was cut short when The Royal Concept played “On Our Way” and Randolph went full on cray on us, and danced his heart out. (Drunk Scorpios are the best type of Scorpios.)

The pinnacle of the night was when The Drums came on the stage and BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THAT I SANG MY FUCKING HEART OUT. JONNY PIERCE IS EVEN CUTER IN PERSON.

I always knew what you were, I always knew what you were~
I always knew what you were, I always knew what you were~

I was bawling inside when they sang What You Were, Best Friend, We Tried, Days, and Forever And Ever Amen.

Most fucking surreal and beautiful moment of the entire set was this though

Crowd singing: “If you fall asleep down by the water, baby, I’ll carry you all the way home~”

Jonny *looking genuinely happy so fuck our fangirl hearts*: Oh, you’re so beautiful

Me: NO YOU’RE FUCKING BEAUTIFUL HUHUHU (of course I kept this to myself but—-internally screaming)

Most of us were literally drenched after their set but it was fucking worth it. We got to dance to sad music because of The Drums. It is possible to jump, dance and feel happy amidst and despite all the shitty things in life because it was a lovely night (with the moon in the sky-e oh~)

Thank you for a wonderful experience, @Universe.


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    1. Aww, thanks Cait!! We’re still working on how to update regularly but keep checking back every once in a while! πŸ™‚ Tammy can’t stop talking about Wanderland and I guess the pictures don’t do it justice. :p I’m hoping I get to go next summer! See you then? πŸ™‚


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