Of car crashes, gun shots, and dates with Ruby Jetson (Veronica Mars Movie review)

I just watched the Veronica Mars Movie for the 6th time since it was released last Friday. NO. REGRETS.

The movie was equal parts entertaining, nostalgic, and heart-stopping. I screamed about five times out loud during the movie. MY EMOTIONS CANNOT BE CONTAINED!

I didn’t livetweet the movie that much (I was too busy screaming my lungs out) but here’s what I though about the movie: (I’m supposed to say SPOILERS AHEAD but I’m assuming that since you’re reading this, you already watched the movie. And if you haven’t WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE??????)

Just enough to give Veronica Mars virgins a quick briefing on what they’ve missed on the show. And AGHHHH KRISTEN BELL’S VOICEOVERS! There really is something different betweent KBell doing a random voiceover (i.e. Gossip Girl) and KBell doing a Veronica voiceover. ~*goosebumps*~


I was a bit disappointed at first when it’s Logan who’s accused (again) or murder. Why does he always have to be the bad guy, etc, etc. However, after seeing the movie, it’s VERY evident that Logan has changed A LOT since we last saw him. He’s still intense and sees the need to beat up people for Veronica but he’s far from the bad boy Logan from Season 3. And besides, who else could convince Veronica to go back to Neptune? There’s only Keith, Wallace, Mac, and Logan. And only Logan fits the murder suspect profile. So, fine. Okay, I forgive you, Rob Thomas.

The murder mystery was a bit easy to figure out but the movie doesn’t only present one case–the Bonnie deVille murder case is nothing compared to the other problems of Neptune such as the class war, the (still corrupt) Sherrif’s Department, and let’s not forget the death of a dear old character from the series!! (WHERE IS THE KICKSTARTER FOR A SEQUEL SO THAT WE CAN AVENGE HIS DEATH???)

Despite the mystery being easy to figure out, the movie didn’t scrimp up on the action. The car crash and the gun shot to the window were scenes that made me scream in the middle of the movie. The showdown between Veronica and the killer was a bit too short for me (I was half-expecting Veronica to call someone for help i.e. Logan or Wallace). It was no Leave It To Beaver or Not Pictured but I think it still delivered.

Having always imagined that Veronica would end up to be a successful lawyer/journalist/photographer somewhere far away in Neptune, the ending of the movie disappointed me a bit but it didn’t surprise me. I know it’s the right ending. Veronica Mars will always be Veronica Mars. Her willingness to bend a few rules to get justice for the marginalized will always be one of the most endearing (and sometimes frustrating) qualities of her. It’s only fitting that after seeing how even more corrupt Neptune is now, she would want to stay and try to clean it up. Veronica’s done running from Neptune now.

welcome back veronica
welcome back veronica

The Reunion was delicious to watch. It’s just proof that no matter how ‘mature’ and grown-up you think you are, if you hangout with the people you went to highschool with, you are BOUND to regress to your immature teenager self.

I laughed out loud when Felix was the first student in the memorial video. Like the 09ers fucking care that he’s dead????

And am I weird for choosing the scene with Principal Clemmons my most favorite in the reunion? I always liked their little dance with each other in the series. Clemmons admitting (once again) that he has a soft spot for Veronica just brought tears to my eyes. (Yep, Van Clemmons made me cry. You can laugh now.)

Other people I would’ve loved to see at the reunion were Duncan Kane (where the fuck is he???), Jackie, Troy (I know he wasn’t a graduate but IT’S ICEMAN!!), and Casey. Oh well, you can’t have everything.

I also was very disappointed that Lilly Kane’s ghost (or flashback self) didn’t make an appearance. I think she merits a post-credits scene doesn’t she??

I wish we could’ve seen more daddy-daughter scenes. I know that we already had lots but I Keith/Veronica is just the most heartwarming and heart-wrenching things to watch. I love that small look of disappointment and worry whenever Veronica would go out to work on the case with Logan. But I guess Keith has to (try) to be nice again to ‘the Echolls kid’ now since he saved his life (and is now long-distance dating his daughter).

And speaking of Logan/Veronica…

Logan/Veronica and Veronica/Piz
Can I just ask, Veronica, why is it that you still use a high school picture of Logan on your phone? Do you not have pictures of him from college????

And excuse the excessive exclamation points but LOGAN’S (OFFICIAL) FIRST SCENE!!!!! The music! The banter! THAT UNIFORM!!!! I had to pause the movie to say OH MY GOD for like ten times. And I agree with Veronica, he really should wear just *that*.

I don’t hate Chris Lowell. Chris Lowell is a funny, witty, and handsome man. It’s Stosh Piznarski that I hate. I hate him because he’s too nice, and too boring. I must admit the new hair is really suiting him. Thank God that awful hairdo is gone.

Despite my hate for Piznarski, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him when they broke up (over the phone!!!) because Veronica couldn’t leave Neptune. Sorry, Piz. I’m really sad for you but you just don’t stand a chance between Logan/Veronica. You knew that. You knew that since the series finale.

poor thing
poor thing

I’ve been reading a lot of comments about this and I can’t stand that people are blaming LOGAN for this. LOGAN DID NOT FORCE VERONICA TO STAY IN NEPTUNE. Veronica planned to go back to New York twice and even though you can see that Logan is disappointed, he accepted both goodbye’s. It’s Veronica who’s wrong in this. Just because Veronica is the titular character, doesn’t mean she’s a saint!!!!

Even though I love cleaned-up and mature Logan Echolls, I kind of missed his snarky and asshole self. I wish Rob let him deliver a witty one-liner before he started throwing punches at the reunion. 😥

The ending for Logan/Veronica crushed me. STAY STRONG VERONICA MARS. It’s only 180 days! You’ve gone nine years without talking to each other! YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS!


THE SOUNDTRACK IS PERFECT. Emperor X, Sufjan Stevens,Typhoon… IT’S PERFECT! Even the tweaked Twin Sister songs for Bonnie deVille are amazing! I wish Twin Sister and Rob Thomas would release a Bonnie album. 😥

i was in love with the place, in my mind, in my mind
i was in love with the place, in my mind, in my mind x

Josh Kramon is amazing as usual. THE SCORES ARE AMAZING. My personal favorite is when Veronica went out of the house to find Logan waiting outside, leaning handsomely on his car. P E R F E C T I O N. 😥

Overall, the movie satisfied my Veronica Mars craving but still left me clamoring for more. I want justice for the people of Neptune. I want Keith as the sheriff again. I want that Dan Lamb to die in a fire inside a refrigerator. He’s not even half as handsome as his older brother!!! It’s probably the reason why he’s even more corrupt.

Can we not have that series spin-off for Dick and instead just have more Veronica Mars? Pretty please with marshmallows on top???


  • The Veronica Mars intro montage! – The score for this scene was also perfect. It sets the noir mood perfectly. ❤
  • AIRPORT WELCOME SCENE! EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT SCENE IS PERFECT. The music, that uniform, the looks on their faces, the conversation… igjdfkgvskfwefwfj BEST LOVE OF YOUR LIFE REUNION, EVER.
  • “Your boobs look bigger.”
  • Ruby Jetson singing during karaoke night. HILARIOUS. Logan and Veronica’s facial expression are priceless. 😥
  • Veronica digging her old PI stuff out of her ‘accessories’ box. The voiceover just summarized all of my feelings for Veronica. And when she took out her old messenger bag… AGHHHHHHHHHH
  • THE FAREWELL TOUR/YOU SHOULD ONLY WEAR THIS SCENE. Veronica’s eyes lighting up when she sees Logan, Logan’s adorable smirk, sjfsedvdjg the score for that scene… SO PERFECT. MOST FAVORITE SCENE IN THE MOVIE.
  • Veronica asking Wallace for someone’s permanent file. Bring’s back old memories!!
  • Sacks! Sacks’ mustache! Sacks is my most favorite deputy (next to Leo) and his fondness for Veronica is adorable!
  • Dax Shepard doing dirty gesture towards Veronica! DHDGEWFEW I love you Dax and even though I think Jason and Kristen are secretly in love with each other, you make Kristen happy and you even let her play with a slot for her birthday so fiiiine. Just take care of KBell!!! 😦
  • Veronica’s first goodbye – the car scene. The song! The unsaid emotions and feelings conveyed through longing looks! Veronica suggesting they take the long way home so that the could spend more time with each other. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • Keith insinuating that Veronica’s sleuthing skills are getting a bit rusty. Mars vs. Mars!
  • Weevil/Veronica reunion!
  • Logan and Veronica locking eyes during the reunion. Most delicious 2 seconds of my life.
  • LOVE the fact that Logan started punching guys to defend Veronica but when Wallace, Dick and even Piz started to get in the fight, I’m like… WOAH GUYS. Veronica really has friends. 😥
hot damn x
hot damn x
  • Keith reprimanding Veronica about Piz staying over. 😥 Best Father-Daughter relationship ever.
  • Leo D’Amato pretending that he forgot about Veronica. I was actually a bit nervous that he REALLY forgot about her. Kristen’s face was precious! Veronica uses her cuteness to manipulate people and the thought that someone forgot her would irk her infinitely. (It’s amazing how I know how the characters’ minds work)
  • Piz/Veronica break-up. I wasn’t happy that they broke up (really, I was so sad for Piz) but it was just so nicely done. 😦 One of the best break-ups I’ve watched.
  • Gia Goodman telling the real story behind Susan’s death. Woah, Krysten Ritter can *really* act.
  • Cobb/Veronica showdown. Having You’ll Never Find Another Love in the background is perfect! Reminded me when That’s Amore was playing when Aaron was going on a violent beating spree.
  • Veronica/Logan goodbye. 😥 Epic speech part two. 😦
  • Weevil going back on his bike and Veronica embracing her destiny. 😦
  • The thank you note to the fans!

It’s amazing to think that from a little show from UPN we’re now THIS. We did it, Marshmallows! We got our movie! Fingers crossed for more Veronica Mars in the future!

And here’s to CW’s Dawn Ostroff who cancelled the show and to Warner Bros. who was always so hesitant to support the movie:

sorry bitches we're the little show that could
sorry bitches we’re the little show that could

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