Why Tamara Whats-Her-Name Makes The Worst BFF Ever (Awkward Season 3 Review)

Why Tamara Whats-Her-Name Makes The Worst BFF Ever (Awkward Season 3 Review)
Redg Camarse


Only one thing could make me switch sides from Team I Hate Jenna Hamilton to Team GO SHOW THEM, JENNA HAMILTON: It’s Tamara (and a little bit of Ming).

I don’t even know why Jenna considers them her best friends. Actually, Tamara gets 95% of my hate. Ming get only 5% by standing idly by while this crazy psycho of a best friend ruins everything AND THEN gets away with it.

Let me state the reasons why Tamara makes the worst BFF ever.

1. SHE’S A FUCKING CONTROL FREAK. She always has to get her way and forces Jenna in to weird situations like that BFF Double Date, and having her BEST FRIEND date her EX-BOYFRIEND for fuck’s sakes. Now that we’re on the subject…

2. SHE BROKE THE GIRL CODE. Sorry, Barney Stinson but your stupid Bro Code could go kill itself because IT IS A HUNDRED TIMES MORE WORSE TO BREAK THE GIRL CODE. You can never date your friend’s (let alone best friend’s) ex EVEN WITH HER PERMISSION because it’s just wrong on so many levels unless your best friend was brutally murdered, then you can date the ex.  (i.e. Veronica Mars and Lilly Kane)

3. SHE TOOK THE WRONG SIDE IN THE MATTY/JENNA BREAK-UP. Sorry but as Jenna’s best friend, you choosing Matty’s side was unforgivable. Sure, Jenna’s acting up and being a bitch but that’s all the more reason for you to stick by her side!!! OR YOU COULD’VE JUST BEEN NEUTRAL AND STAY OUT OF THE WHOLE MESS.


4. SHE EXERTED ZERO EFFORT TO GET TO KNOW COLLIN. (This also applies to Ming.) Look, no matter how much you hate your friend’s significant other at least exert a little bit of effort to see if your hate really is justifiable??!

Which brings me to another point I wanted to make: MTV PULLED ANOTHER JAKE ROSATI ON US. They wrote Collin as this good for nothing druggie just to make Matty look more perfect and desirable for Jenna. They did the same thing to Jake, when they paired him up with Tamara “The Universe Revolves Around Me” IDEK-her-last-name. I’m not a big Collin fan, but what the fuck happened to the deep, cultured, too-perfect guy that Jenna cheated with????

5. This last reason isn’t a reason why she’s a bad bff, it’s a reason why she’s the worst girlfriend ever. SHE TREATS JAKE LIKE SHIT. Always, always. She’s fucking control freak and Jake is too blind or dumb (????) to let her wipe the dirty floor with his face. My hate for her multiplied exponentially when she ran against Jake for class president and WON. I’m not even sure if she really understood the reason why Jake was so mad. IF I WERE JAKE I WOULD NEVER FORGIVE MY GIRLFRIEND WHO TOOK THE ONE THING THAT MADE ME FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF. And what’s worse is that Jake turns to an instant mush whenever Tamara bats her eyelashes and makes those fake googly eyes!

I think Jake still has feelings for Jenna but is just trying very hard to be a good best friend to Matty because THAT’S WHAT BEST FRIENDS DO. This is not the Jake/Jenna shipper in me talking… okay, maybe it is. But bringing up what Jenna did to him (multiple times, if we were to take Tamara’s word for it) and not pushing away Jenna just in time before DAT KISS. Telltale signs, I’m tellin’ you!


Listen, I’m not saying that Jenna isn’t the annoying selfish little bitch she is but her friends ain’t no saints either! They’re judgmental and disloyal. Geez, I’m so sorry Jenna couldn’t be the perfect teenager. Sorry that she went down the road of drugs and bad romantic relationships!

At least Jenna apologized to everyone when she saw the error of her ways–no matter how awkward and embarrassing it may be! BUT TAMARA AND MING? Nope! Tamara made it even harder for Jenna to apologize! I’m refering to that awkward bathroom hug Jenna gave her. YOU TWAT! SHE IS APOLOGIZING IF YOU WERE REALLY FRIENDS YOU WOULDN’T NEED WORDS FOR APOLOGIES YOU WOULD JUST KNOW IT DFGHFGISH


What’s even worse, they even made these stupid probationary rules for Jenna to follow. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT.

I was on Team Jenna so hard that I hink she shouldn’t have given Valerie her job back. Okay, she provides the wacky and out of this world comedy for the show but that bitch is no guidance counselor! I would’ve loved it if she found a better job outside of the school! She still could’ve been on the show even if she isn’t the crazy person dispensing bad life advice!

The only people whom I think had enough reason to treat Jenna badly was her parents (because they are her parents) and Matty (since he’s the cheat-ee)!!

I’m glad MTV redeemed Jenna’s character and showed a very realistic 2nd half of the season. The losing of friends and the hazy, drug-filled path after a break-up are all-too familiar scenarios in real life. The other thing I love about Awkward is Mr. Hart’s character. I think he’s one of the most sane adult in the show (the other being Jenna’s dad). He’s mean, funny, and gives good life and writing advice. He makes the audience remember that despite all the crazy changes Jenna has been through, the awkward little blogger-aspiring-to-be-writer is somewhere there, still inside of Jenna. I hope we’ll still have him for the fourth season!

Matty’s new love interest, Bailey, also isn’t annoying which is good! Jenna could use some not-bitchy and not-mean rival for Matty’s affections. Although, knowing MTV, they’d probably write her in such away that she becomes this monster bitch just so Jenna and Matty could get back together. Those motherfuckers.

Matty, just stay with Bailey she’s a nice girl. And Jenna, go find someone who wouldn’t be embarrassed to be with you and would love you with all of your flaws AKA Jake Rosati (because let’s face it, if Jake can accept Tamara’s bullshit, then he sure could love Jenna with all of her crazy flaws!)




P.S. Pretty sure I’m a teensy-weensy bit disappointed that Ming isn’t the leader of the Asian Mafia anymore. 😥


2 thoughts on “Why Tamara Whats-Her-Name Makes The Worst BFF Ever (Awkward Season 3 Review)

  1. Personally, I think that Matty and Jenna should wind up together in the end. I mean, hey both matured a lot thoughout the show, and I am sure that Matty only felt embarassed by her at the very start of their relationship (as he said he felt guilty, as he thought that his behaviour could have been the reason for his attempted suicide). I just think Jake deserves a sweet, fun and loving girl (and Jenna has a bit too much of an attitude to be with him – sorry not sorry).

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