Of the best and worst of 2013 in music, movies, and then some

Of the best and worst of 2013 in music, movies, and then some
Naida Cruz, Redg Camarse and Tammy Yeban

This year has been such a rollercoaster ride for the three of us but it’s still the year Coherent Fangirl Reviews started. We took comfort in the fact that we aren’t the only crazy twentysomethings about things. So here’s our best and worst of music, movies, and then some of 2013!

Madly Awesome Tunez this 2013
A Treatise by Tammy Yeban
(You may or may not trust my taste in music. I don’t care.)

AM – Arctic Monkeys

<Inevitable Alex Turner Rave>

That cheesy adage about how nobody’s perfect isn’t true. The person who coined that saying has clearly never listened to a song written and sang by Alex Turner. HAVE YOU LISTENED TO HIS VOICE? HAVE YOU DISSECTED HIS WORDS? HAVE YOU SEEN HIS FACE? Call off the search for your soul, Alex; you’re too beautiful for this world. But that is beside the point. Dammit, Tammy, you’re here to talk about their album! Before I turn into a semi-rational reviewer, here is a picture of the love of my life:



</Inevitable Alex Turner Rave>

“Anticipation has the habit to set you up for disappointment!” warned the Arctic Monkeys in The View from the Afternoon, the first song off Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I Am Not. Several albums later, they are still producing Mad Sounds (pun intended) and with AM, they have just proven that anticipating their musical offerings will never lead to disappointment.

It sets the mood with “Do I Wanna Know”, a smexy after-midnight record about yearning for past love and wanting to know if the feeling is mutual.  Drunken stupors wherein you resist the urge to send text messages, so instead you fall asleep with your dignity intact but an unanswered question still hanging on your mind. Damn, we’ve all been there, yes, even seemingly perfect people like Alex Turner.

R U Mine” is a pretty straight-forward and unapologetic song about the thrill of the chase. To hell with subtleties, we are all but puppets on a string BECAUSE THIS SONG IS JUST TOO AWESOME FOR WORDS. Have you watched the video? You should. HERE’S A LINK FOR YOU:

You’re welcome.

It is okay, my ovaries could not handle that shit either. Hang in there. We’ll get through this 😥

And then there’s “No. 1 Party Anthem”, a song reminiscent of yet another drunken night. It will take you to a place of confusion wherein you don’t know what you want and don’t want. Will we ever truly know? It’s the fucking Human condition, man.

The album’s gem, however, is the unassuming “Mad Sounds”. With its rare simplicity, it would make you want to bask in the perfection of its sheer minimalism. Isn’t it nice to just sit back and appreciate whatever it is that you’re feeling without complicating matters? At the end of the day, don’t we all just want something nice, something simple, and something that we cannot fully explain? Just sit back, and let Alex hit you with an “Ooh, la lala. Ooh la lala. Ooh la lala, ooh~”

If I were to rate this album, I’d give it an 11 out of 10 because it is perfect and the extra point is because I love Alex Turner. Forever. (I never promised that I would be a rational and unbiased reviewer.)

[Redg: Other albums worth mentioning: Tegan and Sara’s Heartthrob, Panic! at the Disco’s Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die, Yuck’s Glow & Behold and Phoenix’s Bankrupt!]

Not-so-Awesome Tunez this 2013
A Very Short Commentary by Tammy Yeban

Pure Heroine – Lorde

I’m not one to bash because I am a firm believer that “to each his own”, but oh my Lord(e) was I incredibly disappointed with Lorde’s “Pure Heroine”. It is vastly overrated in my honest opinion. It is a free country though, so we are free to like whatever it is that we want.

I don’t like you, Lorde.

Most Over Hyped Movies of 2013 That Didn’t Deliver
Redg Camarse

Struck By Lightning
The inner-Gleek in me had high expectations for this movie. I know Chris Colfer can act. The only times Glee has made me cry was during his heartwrenching scenes with his dad. And of all the (original) Glee kids, it’s him I really want to succeed. Unfortunately, Struck By Lightning is a movie that’s just best left alone and unwatched. I thought the fact that Chris is playing a character he created would make his acting even better. Alas, we were served a half-baked movie that just tried too hard. Even the presence of other interesting artists like Ashley Rickards , Rebel Wilson, Cristina Hendricks and Sarah Hyland didn’t make the movie bearable.

what a big disappointment
what a big disappointment

Gangster Squad
Uh, what was this movie about again? I just watched this just because of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Well, this is just proof that nobody is perfect, and seemingly perfect celebrities can make a really, really bad movie every once in a while.


Warm Bodies
Let me just take this opportunity to plead if we CAN WE JUST STOP IT WITH THE ZOMBIE MOVIES? It’s getting terribly repetitive and uninteresting. Exactly how many brain-craving mindless zombies can we take in an entire lifetime????  This movie is the last straw for me. Even it’s questionably qood soundtrack didn’t make me like it. Even if the ending was a bit different from other zombie movies, it’s just a big snooze all throughout. Am I really expected to sit through Nicholas Hoult’s boring voiceovers while he’s mindlessly walking around an airport??? REALLY?? I DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS, HOLLYWOOD.

you. not. watch. movie. you. die. boredom.
you. not. watch. movie. you. die. boredom.

Movies You Should’ve Watched This 2013
Redg Camarse

One Direction: This Is Us
Not watching 1D’s concert-film in the theatres might be one of my biggest regret this 2013. This Is Us came to the Philippines and in my life during my dirt-poor days so I wasn’t able to watch it in theatres. AND OH MY GOD I WISH I COULD JUST GO BACK IN TIME AND WATCH IT ON THE BIG SCREEN. Or maybe I should be thankful that I wasn’t able to watch this in its full screen glory for I might’ve been driven mad with the perfect faces of Zayn, Niall, Louis, Harry and Liam assaulting me while crooning heavenly melodies. 😥


I might be a bit biased (an understatement) to the boys but this concert-movie is perfect in such a way that it was such a big fan service and has enough funny moments that could entertain non-fans. I love the fact that it featured a lot of scenes backstage and of the boys touring instead of just concert performances. I LUV THIS MOVIE I WATCHED IT FOR MORE THAN FIVE TIMES NOW.

As you might have noticed in my past posts and in my about me description, I have this unreal and paralleled love for everything Kristen Bell does. It’s such a great honor to be a fan of someone who’s voiced a Disney Princess alongside IDINA FUCKING MENZEL. Frozen is one of Disney’s best recent movies, and I do hope it’s followed with something even more amazing! I’d go on a full-on Frozen rave but I think that that deserves a separate post.


Before Midnight
I watched Before Midnight alone just how I liked to watch its first two films. Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy returns as Celine and Jesse, now walking the steps of the Greece and still talking about life, albeit with a more matured and jaded perspective. Now married, their problems now included jobs, who’s sacrificing what for the family, and *gasp* cheating.

please stay perfect ;'(
please stay perfect ;'(

Yes, even our favorite couple experiences the usual marriage woes just like any other normal couple. It’s the way they handle it, however, that truly makes their relationship inspiring. In my opinion, Before Midnight painted Jesse and Celine in a more realistic light. I mean, come on, it’s such a rare occurrence to meet the love of your life on a train then meet them again after nine years AND then marry them.

Here’s to hoping there’s a fourth installment after another nine years!

On The Job

On The Job is the kind of movie that gives you hope that filmmakers DO know what the Filipino audience deserve. A movie that’s equal parts thrilling and emotional and has the ability to make the audience think. Also, I find the the lack of blatant and non-shameful advertisements surprising and comforting. Good job, Star Cinema!

P.S. Joel Torre, Gerald Anderson and Joey Marquez deserve mad props in this movie (and a bigger picture in the movie poster)

hashtag tang hashtag ina INDEED
hashtag tang hashtag ina INDEED

2013 Best Significant Other – Temperance Brennan (Bones)
Naida Cruz

In case I offend anyone: Best Female Significant other who has proposed, in which said proposal was accepted then was turned down, been proposed to, accepted the proposal and married within 2013

To those who have not watched Bones beyond the 6th season, I am very sorry for your life. This contains spoilers for the awesomeness that is seasons 8 & 9.

In my earlier post I have expressed some (Redg: AN UNDERSTATEMENT) of my views regarding Temperance Brennan. This 2013, Temperance Brennan- the lover side was unraveled, and what a sight it was.

So, what has Dr. Temperance Brennan done this year to have such award? Season 8th’s lingering question was, was love enough? After waiting for 6 seasons for them to be together, it sure the hell should be. Seeley Booth has done his part to make this relationship work but we can’t dismiss the fact that if this was a basketball game, Temperance Brennan would be the MVP.

Throughout the 8th season, Brennan has proved to be a wonderful (for the purposes of this post) girlfriend. Season 8th’s finale marks an important milestone, when Brennan proposed to Booth. It was perfect. She proposed with Beef Jerky, said the right things, he said yes only to be foiled by a serial killer. He then turns down the proposal (as a condition plotted by the said serial killer), stating that what they have is enough, leaving our beloved Brennan heart-crushed and almost pleading.

In the premiere of Season 9, it was gloriously awkward and was almost painful to watch because feels. Booth’s refusal took its toll on both of them. It ate him. Being dishonest to the woman he loves made him become distant. He kept telling Brennan that he loves her but his actions tell otherwise.

Eventually, Brennan trusts Booth. Like anything Temperance Brennan, this is not that simple. Brennan loves evidence, with people abandoning her she does not trust implicitly before any proof is presented. Based on her current evidence, Booth has not done anything yet to earn her trust (as of that moment); yet she chose to believe him, going all things against her nature and decides have faith in this man despite what the hard evidence proves otherwise. If she was a selfish woman, she would just put the blame on him, she would have said nasty words for the man who was, at her point of view caused her a great deal of pain, but we’ve already established that Temperance Brennan makes us sad excuses of the human race.



“What I want to tell you is that I have absolute faith in you. I trust you. I know you love me and Christine, and … I’m sorry I lost sight of that temporarily. You’re a good man. You have your reasons, and … when you can, you’ll share them with me. I’m sorry.” – Temperance Brennan

In the end, the serial killer thing was solved. Booth proposed; Brennan of course accepted.THE VOWS THO.

When Hodgins and I were buried alive, we each wrote a message to someone we loved incase our bodies were ever found. Hodgins wrote to Angela and I wrote to you. Dear Agent Booth, you are a confusing man. You are irrational and impulsive, superstitious and exasperating. You believe in ghosts and maybe even Santa Claus and because of you I’ve started to see the universe differently. How is it possible that simply looking into your fine face gives me such joy? Why does it make me so happy that every time I try to sneak a peek at you, you’re already looking at me.  Like you it makes no sense, and like you, it feels right. If I ever get out of here, I will find a time and place to tell you that you make my life messy and confusing and unfocused and irrational and wonderful. This is that time, this is that place.” – Temperance Brennan

I *)
I (*)
CANT (*)

To people who have no knowledge whatsoever who Temperance Brennan is would probably only see but a very thin layer of her in this post no matter how disgustingly long this is turning out to be. Temperance Brennan- the lover is someone we would dream to spend the rest of our lives with. Setting aside her own insecurities and her lingering questions, she continues to live her life selflessly for the man she loves. The hardship that Booth has faced in order for her to let him in was worth it as she continues to dazzle him with her true self.

 2013’s Worst Fictional Parents – King and Queen of Arendelle (Frozen)
Naida Cruz

In case I offend anyone: Worst set of parents who happen to have two extremely beautiful daughters wherein one of them has mysterious Ice powers and said parents decide to be big idiots and isolate their daughters from the outside world.

To the people who haven’t watched Frozen yet… WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? This definitely contains spoilers so stay away from this one.

At times I’d like to think that the King and Queen of Arendelle were just scared and didn’t know what to do and all that.  But LITERALLY the King’s first line was blaming Elsa (the most perfect Disney character since forever) sooo yeah I hate him already.

The line “only love can thaw a frozen heart” just punches the feels off me, for someone who has spent majority of her life protecting those who love her, Queen Elsa has very little experience when such love is reciprocated; much to the point that she couldn’t see it even if it was right in front of her. Of course like any self-righteous, asshole individual, I blame her parents. Probably because “conceal it, don’t feel it, don’t let it show” is the worst advice anyone can give anyone, more so a child who is scared of the world.


I could talk on and on again as to how the emotional turmoil of Elsa, and the aloneness of Anna could be their parents’ fault but other coherent fangirls are to write their pieces so I would just have to end with this wonderful post.

The post above discusses the dungeon that to where Elsa was restrained would have to have been made especially by their parents (or at least the King) to restrain Elsa. Hans could not have done it because the time frame is only about two days; plus having an eternal winter kinda makes dungeon building a minimum priority.

Thinking that the world needs protecting from yourself is hard enough, but having it confirmed by those who you spent your life, loving would have to be far worse. Sure, Anna and Elsa turned out pretty well (AN UNDERSTATEMENT) but they could have spared them from all the grief and sadness.

Were Elsa’s cries of protecting her loved ones from her remained unheard from her parents? Was she such a threat to them that they had to build such device in order to restrain this loving gentle child? Was it enough of an excuse that they were afraid and confused? I’ll let you decide.


Thank you for supporting and accepting our crazy and emotionally-riddled rants. It’s been a good seven months and you can expect nothing but more great things from us! This will be the last post for a long, long while since we need to focus on our *real* lives. Ugh, we know. Real lives. We shudder just by thinking about it. Till the next time!


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  1. I liked the line “conceal don’t feel”. There are times where one should conceal their thoughts and suppress their emotions. As an introvert, I can relate.

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