Fictional Couples Who Should Have Ended Up Together… But Did Not

Fictional Couples Who Should Have Ended Up Together… But Did Not
Naida Cruz

Ever rooted for couples that just didn’t end up together? That despite the better, less predictable ending and journey you experienced through a show/book/movie, you just couldn’t appreciate it because it hurts so much?

You get the bigger picture yeah, but it doesn’t mean you are not ready to go in full 3 year old tantrum mode. Sometimes you just gotta be narrow minded right? lol

Clarissa Darling and  Sam Anders (Clarissa Explains it All)

She’s the feminist, individualistic and outspoken protagonist. He’s her laid back best friend who enters with a cool guitar riff and a ladder style. Yeah sure it’s wonderful how a show finally portrays that a girl and a boy could just be friends. Yeah and I say it’s wonderful how fucked up the real world is already that even in TV fantasy world we don’t actually see two people who belong  to each other, together. (I may or may not still be bitter about this)

Sam is respectful, an all around good guy, someone who really cares about Clarissa and does things for her, not expecting anything in return. (yep not all those Friendzoned crap) They mutually decided to not do it (relationship), because they were better off as friends. It had sense, it was reasonable and it had me exasperated and angry at the world at age 6.

I think what is immensely frustrating about this is that we all knew there was never any ulterior motive on his part, and in return there was simply friendship on her part. Why ruin a good thing? Perfectly logical.

BUT I AM SHALLOW AND STUPID. I understand. But WHYYY??? He’s perfect. He danced with Clarissa’s father when they didn’t want to. He was polite to Clarissa’s parents every time. His “what could possibly go wrong?” demeanor balances Clarissa’s negative outlook in life. HE’S CUUTE. WHYYY??? WHYY??? WHYYYY???

#younglove x
Come on? Matching highlighter colors? Can’t this pair be any more perfect for each other? (x)
Come on? Matching highlighter colors? Can’t this pair be any more perfect for each other? (x)

Gale and Katniss (The Hunger Games)

*let the record show that I am referring to my feelings as I was reading the book, without any prejudice as to who would be portraying the roles

Okay before anyone gets their panties in a bunch. I totally get that The Hunger Games is not about Team Peeta and Team Gale. It was always about Team Katniss and how this courageous girl valued the things that are really important, how society totally ruins everything for everyone, every time.

But I am weak minded and petty that I rooted for Gale.  Even during the games, it was as if his presence was always there. There was this annoying nagging promise he was not able to utter that troubled me Every. Damn. Time. Katniss was fighting for her survival, but Gale was fighting for her return. He stood by her family and protected them, even if he had his own to take care of.

I could compare this to the glorifying of OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) in the Philippines as opposed to glorifying actually those who stayed despite of their capabilities and the opportunities. He was among those of silent workers, those efforts that are just implied to others but nonetheless ought to be commended as well.

Yeah, sure Peeta had this undying love for Katniss to begin with and all that. But like anything long and difficult, it is not really about those who were there longer; it was always about those who stood until the end in whichever way they choose to do so.

So yeah, it hurts. Why? I always thought of the what-ifs. What if Peeta was not the one with Katniss in the games? What if Prim’s name was never drawn? What if?


yep that's how deep I am
yep that’s how deep I am

Theodore “Laurie” Laurence & Josephine “Jo” March (Little Women)

See how I refuse to acknowledge that Jo married another man because her name’s still March? Yep congrats to me.  Perhaps I need not add a picture to emphasize the hurt in this fictional couple that was just not there. (I just opened the healing scab. I don’t need to puncture it with needles right?)  I loved Little Women. I sure did, but it was a beautiful kind that you appreciate all its parts but as a whole, you just feel hurt. 99% of the hurt probably came from these two idiots on my part.

They were never boring. Jo and Laurie were the Mr. and Mrs. Thernadier of Little Women, they brought humor to a somewhat depressing story but humor so full of substance that I DON’T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE. I JUST LOVE THEM OKAY? L

If your heart did not break when Laurie proposed to Jo, you never had a heart to begin with. WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU IDIOTS. It was perfect, perfectly painful yeah. It was maybe between the perfect people for each other, executed perfectly but was not the right time. Part of me wanted to scream at Jo and knock some sense into her and part of me just wanted to hug them both.

I wanted them to be happy together. I wanted Laurie to wait for Jo to realize that maybe they could pull it off. I wanted Jo to put aside her fear of losing him completely and take the risk of what they could have been. AND THE SEQUEL WOULD HAVE BEEN MORE INTERESTING LIKE THE JO AND LAURIE BANTER HOUR.

Yeah, Fritz Bhaer may be an okay guy whatever, but I don’t really care. (yep maturity right there) I WON’T EVEN TALK ABOUT AMY “I really was never invested about you, I wish you were the one who died with Scarlet Fever” MARCH.  I always felt she was a rebound. It was unfair for all of them though. BUT REALLY LUISA? HER SISTER? I would have given you my heart if you just wanted me to die, at least it would have been less painful.

So Banksy has said “they say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.” With the rate of young women crushed by Jo and Laurie’s lack of romance (future, hope whichever way you want to call it) Luisa May Alcott would never die her second death. HOW’S IMMORTALITY FEELING NOW LUISA MAY ALCOTT EH? I HOPE CRUSHING LITTLE GIRLS HEARTS WAS WORTH IT.

Plus, if Jo would have married Laurie she would have been J. Lau… just saying.

Hotohori and Nuriko (Fushigi Yuugi)

I remembered being in second grade and watching the most scandalous thing ever in my eight year old glory- Fushigi Yuugi. It contained boobies, half naked anime guys and A LOT OF BODY CONTACT. Why was this even in primetime? Why was I ever allowed to watch this? Mysteries in life.

For those who are unaware of Fushigi Yuugi, it’s about a young girl- a chosen one who is destined to change the (book) world, she has guardians to help her with her journey and goal. Hotohori was the emperor and a guardian of the chosen girl. Nuriko, also a guardian was something else. In the first parts of the series Nuriko is presented as this beautiful lady in waiting. Nuriko sabotages everything Maka (the chosen one) does because Hotohori seems to have feelings for Miaka.

It is later revealed that Nuriko is in fact, a man. He lives his life as a woman to give commemoration to his late sister who looks exactly like him. His attraction to Hotohori was then not expressed as implicitly as before, after the reveal. When he died though, Hotohori found his empress. A beautiful lady who looks exactly like Nuriko, who they claim is a woman somewhat sent by Nuriko from heaven himself for Hotohori.

ISN’T THAT BEAUTIFUL? Ugh. A love knowing no bounds, not gender, nor death, nor social norms could stop; a love never expressed directly but always felt. UGH. CAN’T WITH THIS. Despite the fact that it was never really frequently expressed by Nuriko, my delusional fangirl vision always knew he loved Hotohori. Sadly, despite Hotohori being happily married to his empress (who was very beautiful btw. And I was really okay with him marrying her) he still expressed his deep devotion to Miaka.

MIAKA, IMMA LET YOU FINISH. BUT NURIKO AND OR HOTOHORI’S WIFE DESERVED THAT LOVE OKAY? Ugh. It is sad that Nuriko, his empress self(or whatever) or his guardian self never truly had Hotohori’s heart. There was something there perhaps, but it was half baked. It was like getting what you wished for but it wasn’t quite like it and leaves this sad aftertaste that DAMN Why did I ever expect things to be okay? (But I never read the other book that expresses many parts dedicated to his wife. So, this is about how limited I know of Hotohori’s life based on the series)


Kurama & Botan (Yu yu Hakusho) / Ghost Fighters- Dennis and Charlene

Okay, I know with all the pairings here this is my super ultra Fanwanking pair. There was never any attraction ever acknowledged in the series, just the “he gazed at her for .0003 seconds longer than normal, god he must be so in love with her” mode that I am forever in whenever these two are together on screen.

Like even when they’re there together, there’s always another person. I know that they were not meant to be a pairing but that did not stop me from watching every episode in the series plus every movie made for it waiting for a glimmer of hope that maybe JUST MAYBE… they are already a couple and all that crap and I’d say to the animators that “I TOTALLY CALLEEEEDDD IIITTTT.” Alas, that day never came.

Kurama and Botan, despite the show never dwelling on their (fangirl imaginary) relationship, seem to be a good match. And of course I am probably the least objective person regarding this but look at it. Kurama is this monster (a very powerful one in fact), raised by a human. He shows his immense care for the people who raised him and was willing to go great lengths (as in offer himself) to save her. Despite his very powerful self, as a human he is this smart, almost genius-like, mysterious pretty boy. Not the asshole, dismissive mysterious type though, he’s the quiet gentleman type. (basically he’s perfect.) Botan is like this runner slash secretary for the big boss in the monster world. She’s bubbly and dedicated with no intense powers, but certainly not a damsel in distress.

This is like the Jon Snow/ Daenerys Stormborn ship. It’s there, you feel it; it came out of a speck of something at the middle of nowhere BUT IT LOOKS SO PERFECT THAT YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE. It’s one thing to have a ship where one character is so pissed at the other that you lose hope in it, it’s another (quite painful) thing to continually seek for hope that was never there. Remember that the opposite of love is not hate but apathy. (well, unless you’re taking the USTET exam, because apathy is not in the choices)

I like them because of reasons. But I found a blog entry that explains why they should be together though (with reasons more concrete than mine). CLICK

behold, a rare official image which has them both, without other random characters.  (x)
behold, a rare official image which has them both, without other random characters. (x)
The ratio is 1 official picture : 534565464723 fan arts (x)
The ratio is 1 official picture : 534565464723 fan arts (x)



Nate Archibald and Serena van der Woodsen (Gossip Girl)

Um, I don’t really watch Gossip Girl so my feelings do not explode here.

This is a shout out to my friends who help me in almost all my academic endeavors so that I can even write these things.

He was there since childhood and after which Serena got her happily ever after with Gossip Girl himself, they never gave him another love interest. Some say it’s because he could never get over Serena. Is it his real reason? We will never know.




 Homeland – Carrie Mathison & Peter Quinn

I am totally for Brody and Carrie 5ever, I even think Peter Quinn is cute with the mother of his child and all. Why I put this here? I DON’T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE. They look okay, and there’s that glimmer of hope in my heart which confuses the hell out of me. But yeah, Carrie & Quinn just because.

The Mentalist – Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon

I am still hooooppiinggg 😀 Pretty sure they are end game though.

Just. Look.

btw when I was reading the Hunger Games, they were my Finnick and Annie *sigh* x
btw when I was reading the Hunger Games, they were my Finnick and Annie *sigh* x


“You see two people, and you think, they belong together… but nothing happens. The thought of losing so much control over personal happiness is unbearable, that’s the burden. Like wings, they have weight, we feel that weight on our backs, but they are burdens that lift us, burdens that allow us to fly.”- Temperance Brennan

But whyyy world???  Yep, I proved nothing at the end of this blog entry, just spewed out my held rants way back when I was 6. But come on. CAN’T THE BEST FRIEND EVER GET THE GIRL??? Oh well. At least Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible ended up together.

How about you? Which couples you shipped so hard for but did not end up together? 😀 Leave it in the comment box! 🙂



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