10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Bones

Naida Cruz

Bones. Fox’s number one scripted show… no matter what they say! With eight successful seasons, about 166 episodes, and an upcoming ninth season in September, this wonderful (UNDERSTATEMENT) television series shows no evidence that it aims to stop any time soon.

Bones is about the Jeffersonian team who deals with bodies so decomposed that the normal Crime Scene Investigation methods could no longer apply. With a winning formula of world-renowned forensic anthropologist, a cocky FBI agent, one bug and slime specialist with three doctorates, a free-spirited forensic artist, their boss, a shrink, a puckish prosecutor, drama, science, action, comedy, chemistry and a whole lot of fun, this show has proven itself worthy for their eight years on air and I shall share the reasons why this dear old show has captivated the audience around the world.


10. The Unique Premise

I’ve read various posts in the Internet that skeletons are awesome because looking at it, your sex, race or past would not matter. But like most things in the Internet, this is not true. When we die, we leave traces in our bones, traces that define what our lives were and marks that could be as unique as finger prints.

I shall share a quote used in the series from T.S. Eliot. “We don’t actually fear death. We fear that no one will notice our absence; that we will disappear without a trace.” This team hears out the stories never told, they give back victims their voices and gives closure to families. It values the distinctiveness of us as people; that the value of our lives is not dependent on what remain of us.

We all share DNA. When I look at a bone it’s not some artifact that I can separate from myself, it’s a part of a person, who got here the same way I did.” – Temperance Brennan

9. GENRE? Fuck that

Despite its dark premise, Bones has blurred the lines of TV genres time and time again. It is genuinely funny, but could also cause pain and agony when it wants to. An emotional rollercoaster?  UNDERSTATEMENT ALLEEERRTTT!

It can go from full emotionally draining scene to spouting out puns in a matter of seconds, from a light conversation to a word that just punches you in the gut. It does not really have a “category” (THAT PROBABLY CONSTITUTES TO ITS LACK OF EMMY’S WELL OTHER THAN THE FACT THAT EMMY PEOPLE REFUSE TO KNOW WHAT IS AND WHAT IS NOT QUALITY- BUT THAT MY FRIENDS IS ANOTHER RANT) but it is most definitely glorious.

8. You actually learn something

Aaaand I don’t mean all the underlying message- slash-moral of the story that fangirls overanalyze from time to time. I literally mean YOU. ACTUALLY. LEARN. THINGS.

Bones has been awarded the most accurate representation of Science in a TV show. Of course, the show itself is a learning experience, but little details that pass by the show are the ones that are valuable in an academic sense and might perhaps be much deeper than most things I learned in school.

Sure, you pick up the names of the bones, muscles, and fracture patterns that could be quite handy in parties but there are small nuggets of information that despite how mundane and useless it may seem, the writers manage to sneak it in because hey, there nothing to lose in sharing new information. Where else would you learn that in the first years of infancy, children look like their fathers so that they would not abandon them? Or that sign language, like any language has a dialect? Or that the person with the highest recorded IQ is Marilyn Vos Savant? I could go on and on with the things that Bones has taught me, but I’d just let you learn that as you watch it.

The great thing about these things is that Bones teaches us that everything at some point is essential, that it is a matter of context. Temperance Brennan has always believed that you must know everything there is to know and then conclude. The zeal for true learning is admirable, something that Bones has taught me that I wasn’t able to grasp in my early years of education.

With this may I present to you my favoritest of my favoritest of all quotes from the series:

“We need mathematical constructs to understand any aspect of our world, those figures and equations are beautiful like a musical composition, that give life meaning and us the possibility of knowing the unknowable” – Temperance Brennan

*insert ultraelectromagnetic super BROTP scene of hodgins and brennan*

Hodgins: To eternity, to glory, to the future *scoffs*
Brennan: You disapprove of the Collar Institute?
Hodgins: Up and forward are only two directions, science should look in all directions, you taught me that.
Brennan: I did?
Hodgins: Everyday.


7. Superb Acting

Bones really isn’t for the big emotional reveal. (Or is it????) It’s for the subtle, I am stabbing you with a dagger all around your body so you know what pain is, kind of thing. The actors show immense dedication to their characters as if they are that person. Emily Deschanel delivers Temperance Brennan much to the point that you know she is no longer Emily Deschanel portraying Temperance Brennan, she is Temperance Brennan. (..Maybe that’s why Emmy people still don’t give her recognition, she portrays it so well that you forget that they are two different people.. must.. resist.. urge.. to.. rant..)

Of course, despite the lack of an Emmy recognition, this does not stop with Emily. The main cast delivers, and they deliver it with class, caliber and such grace that it not only tugs your heartstrings, but makes a symphony… then suddenly it cuts you with a knife. They are so versatile that they may make you laugh your heart out in one scene and just punch you in the gut in another.


6. The Show’s Female Characters Serve as Good Examples for Women Everywhere.

I’ve read in an article that Meryl Streep once said (well, kinda like this) that when a man is portrayed, he is automatically strong and empowered, but when you portray a woman who is strong and empowered,  it suddenly becomes this unique phenomenon.

In most shows, it caters to the “Smurfette Principle”: a woman in a man’s world.  In Bones though, it is different. They do not showcase successful, powerful, intelligent women fighting societal norms and all that crap. They showcase successful, powerful, intelligent PEOPLE who just happen to be women.

You do not compute the ratio between awesome women and awesome men in this show because it is not about that. This show embraces the individuality of people. Perhaps it is time to just obliterate the concept of trying to prove ourselves as a gender. Just do your job, do it well.

5. The Dynamic

They talk of centers that need to hold, linchpins that keep them all together and wholes that are more than the sum of its parts. In this show, it is true that Temperance Brennan is the titular character, but it is more than that. They are a team, and they have stressed again and again that if you take one out and you shake the entire core of their entity.

It’s quite beautiful, really. It’s an outsourcing of knowledge, with the interplay of fields. Different types of jargon spoken (but as an intern once said, “after all, we all speak science right?”) united by the search for the truth.


Although “feels” is definitely not quantifiable, it is indubitably (learned that word from Bones!) accurate. TV shows are nothing if you are not at least remotely, a teeny tiny bit invested in its characters. In this show, you await their next adventure like their proud children, weep for their pain like parents and laugh at all their mishaps like you’ve known them for eight years.


3. It Promotes Awareness to the Seemingly Forgotten Issues in Society

This, my friends is not one bit of an exaggeration. One of the prime reasons that I am most definitely proud of this show is this. Despite their Emmy snubs, at least they get commendations to issues that are really important.

They have tackled rape, poaching, the foster system, abuse, child soldiers, forgotten veterans, you name it. They deliver such in intense waves that makes us people know the weight that these issues bear. Message sent.

Need to know what these awards are? Here are a few.


You want someone to root for? BAM we give you Booth and Brennan. You cannot look at them for 5 seconds and say that they do not make you feel tingly inside. Booth and Brennan- the brain and the heart.



Smitten Booth and Brennan is smitten. x

Their love story (or whatever you may please to call it) is this frustrating yet satisfying story that only wants you know more. They know the truth in each other, no matter how shattered, beaten or broken it may seem, and they embrace it.

Some TV pairings are game-changers, some are inevitable and some are just really really confusing. Booth and Brennan’s “partnership” is a little bit of all those things and much, much more.

tumblr_m3xng5W5uc1qauzgso1_500 (1)

1. Temperance “Bones” Brennan

First of all, I would like to apologize for the amount of word vomit I may say regarding this reason. I shall 5ever blindly love Temperance Brennan, she may unleash a plague, burn my country into ashes and I would still believe she could do no wrong.

Temperance Brennan is not perfect, not by a long shot. She is awkward, abrasive, cold and distant to those looking on her surface; to those who at least watched about five episodes of her, they would know that it is only her own way of protecting herself.  Also she is a BAMF, a legit genius, the best in her field, plus two pages worth of her awesomeness if I list it all.

Her mysterious past has haunted her, and how does she find closure? She finds it in looking for closure for other people. Seriously, this seemingly cold and abrasive woman makes us look pathetic as human beings. The amount of emotional issues she has can pay for our country’s debt, but she chose not to mull, instead find peace for others that she herself could not attain.

To other characters, there is something called “character development.” I believe this is not the case for Temperance Brennan. I’d like to call it “character revelation,” that instead of improving the character, we simply unravel layers. Bit by bit, episode by episode, we reveal the Temperance Brennan that was already there but was hiding in all her fear and fragility. We do not aim for merely transforming this person to develop but to search for that lost girl that was once lost in all that has happened in her life.

Without a doubt, within (at most) five episodes along the first season, you’ll love her much to the point that you want to read her bedtime stories, wrap her up in bubble wrap and protect her from all the dangers of the world.

Seriously though… LOOK. AT. HER. Also take note that this gif is in season 8 soo yeah she is a goddess x

SO that’s it, if you’ve made it this far, I commend you. I’d love to make a conclusion in this post but, just like Bones, it has been a long journey but is still not the end. CHOS.

To the people who have not watched Bones, I hope you at least give her it a chance. I hope I have given enough reasons to justify its 8 years of awesomeness. ❤

Credits to these people from Tumblr!
rita2418 | ithinkimalonenow


13 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Bones

  1. I kinda fell out of love with Bones in the past few months and this has just brought back all my old feels! Great Review 😀

  2. This is incredible,I’m a bonehead and I agree with everything you said.I especially like how you described Brennan!

  3. Someone had finally put this into words! I am going to cry! I absolutely love bones and agree with everything you said except for the fact that I think booth and bones should be the 1st reason. I can’t believe they don’t get together until season 6! I’m re watching it now and it is consuming me!!!!!! Thank you stranger

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