Of fairy tale characters, chipped cups, and magic (Once Upon A Time Season Two Review)

Of fairy tale characters, chipped cups, and magic (Once Upon A Time Season Two Review)
Redg Camarse

The only show I can fangirl with my eleven year old sister without worrying that boobs or female or male genitalia might make a surprise appearance on the screen is Once Upon A Time. Its clever mix of fairy tale characters, magic, love and hope makes it one of the most family friendly shows on TV right now.

Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time is a television series from the writers of Lost, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. Its premise is fairly simple. All of the fairy tale and fictional characters you might know of are real. They once lived in the Enchanted Forest, until the Evil Queen (played by Lana Parilla) cast a curse that brought (almost) everyone to Storybrooke, Maine. Everyone now lives frozen in time, unaware about their lives back in the Enchanted Forest. Only Emma (Jennifer Morrison), Snow White and Prince Charming’s daughter, escaped the curse and has the power to break it and save them all.

(Warning: Some light spoilers ahead but it won’t ruin your OUAT experience, I promise. Don’t worry, I won’t pull a How I Met Your Mother.)

The second season of Once Upon A Time picks right where the season one finale left off. Henry (Regina’s adoptive son and Emma’s biological one) brought Emma back to Storybrooke and after some convincing, she finally broke the curse and everyone got their memories back. However, Rumplestiltskin (played by Robert Carlyle) brought magic to Storybrooke which kind of complicates things a bit.

OUAT’s second season introduced us to more characters like Captain Hook, Princess Aurora (from Sleeping Beauty) and Mulan. It also opened more storyline possibilities since OUAT finally opened its doors to other worlds such as Wonderland (from Alice in Wonderland) and some others. It’s exciting to see characters from different stories interact with each other and how their paths will cross. The show also gives its own twist to the old bedtime stories we know of. Think you know Red Riding Hood’s story? How about The Mad Hatter? Think again! Mwahahahahaha!

Once Upon A Time still followed the storytelling technique it used during its first. Scenes alternates from Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest (pre and post curse) which further propels the AMAZING CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!

You see, one of the reasons why I am in love with Once Upon A Time is that it makes you root for the bad guys. I know other shows have done that (see Game of Thrones) but OUAT takes character development to a whole ‘nother level. Have you ever wondered why on earth the Evil Queen is evil in the first place? Or how did Rumplestiltskin get all his power? Is Snow White really as good as the stories say? It’s not just cheap flashbacks that explain why this and that happened; it also helps the viewer understand further the current storyline (in Storybrooke).

I love how OUAT presents us with a world where a character can’t just be straight up bad or good, much like the real world. It shows the journey of how certain people become so evil and corrupt with power. Regina and Rumple’s mission for redemption is probably one of the things I look forward to watching in Once Upon A Time. It even made me (kind of) hate the Charmings since they’ve become so self-righteous all the time, giving Regina and Rumple little benefit of the doubt. 😥

you're such a bamf, rumple. i luv u
you’re such a bamf, rumple. i luv u


LOOK AT THIS PERFECT CAST JUST LOOK AT THEM! Hook isn't even in that poster and it's already oozing of attractiveness
LOOK AT THIS PERFECT CAST JUST LOOK AT THEM! Hook isn’t even in this poster and it’s already oozing of attractiveness (x)

Tamara and Greg appear during the latter part of the second season with a horrifying mission: eradicate magic and destroy Storybrooke. In the end, it is revealed that Greg and Tamara are just pawns of someone whose power (according to Rumplestiltskin) is to be feared by everyone. Yes, even Rumplestiltskin himself.

We also get to see how Emma lived pre-pilot. As for Henry’s father, well, you wouldn’t believe who it is. P.S. They’re so perfect together! Their little moment at the end of the season made me cry! (Then again, I am usually an emotional wreck, so maybe it wasn’t that special)

Any show isn’t complete without the couple pairing/ships in the show. I couldn’t care less for Snow White and Prince Charming, since they oh-so-perfect already. There’s the weirdly perfect Belle and Rumplestiltskin pairing whose flashbacks are very enjoyable! Watching Rumple battle against his rash and rough demeanor towards Belle is so precious!

Once Upon A Time’s second season isn’t disappointing at all! Some might think they’ve pushed the boundaries of too many magical worlds but I think it’s genius! The story can’t just revolve and stay in Storybrooke or in the Enchanted Forest forever! They needed to travel to different worlds in order to make the show more interesting. Plus, we get to see new characters, okay?! CHARACTERS WE WILL SOON LOVE OR HATE. This show just evokes so many emotions in me.

All in all, Once Upon A Time is great show with great characters and plot lines. It isn’t one of those show who puts a dark and twisted flair to fairy tale characters. If anything, Once Upon A Time makes the characters we know from our childhood more magical than ever.


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